PayPal Casinos

PayPal is one of the easiest, safest and most used eWallet online payment methods. It offers a great way to transfer money instantly between accounts and using your PayPal account to fund and withdraw from your online casino accounts has never been easier. All PayPal Casinos are not equal however and so we’ve put together a short guide to finding the best online casinos that accept PayPal.

PayPal Slots


Why use PayPal with your casino accounts?

PayPal has a few advantages over using your debit or credit card to fund and withdraw from your casino accounts. The main advantage is deposits and withdrawals are instant. There’s no waiting around for days for your winnings to reach your bank account. Click withdraw and Boom! Your funds are in your PayPal account. Another advantage is that your don’t have gambling transactions showing up on your bank statement. You may not want transactions to and from online casinos showing up on your bank statement for various reasons such as applying for a mortgage or your statements might be in a joint name with your partner. PayPal is completely separate from your bank account and so no transactions will show up.


Is it safe to deposit to online casinos with my PayPal account?

Absolutely. So long as you choose a reputable casino (we’ve listed our favorites on this page) then your money will be safe. In fact, using your PayPal account with your casino accounts is actually safer than using your debit card as you are less at risk of fraud due to you not giving any card details over.

PayPal Casinos


PayPal Casinos – Choosing the right one

With PayPal being used by millions over people across the world now, there are hundreds of online casinos that accept it as a payment and withdrawal method. Choose a casino that has a good reputation and has what you’re looking for, in that order. Do not sign up to an unknown casino just because they accept PayPal. There are many reputable casinos out there that accept PayPal that have proven track records in safety, security, top quality promotions and exclusive PayPal bonuses that will suit you just fine. For some solid choices, take a look at the PayPal Casinos we’ve listed above which we’ve tried and reviewed.