Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements – What are they?

Every online casino, sportsbook, poker room or bingo site offers people who sign up a welcome bonus. You’ll see these advertised across our site and on the casino sites themselves. These bonuses are given as an incentive to sign up to a casino rather than one of their competitors. They’re also great for you, the player, right? You sign up and receive free money. Well, there are a few things you need to look at before signing up to a casino and accepting the sign up bonus. Or any other bonus for that matter. One of those things is the wagering requirements of the bonus. In this article we’ll take a look at a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding casino bonuses and wagering requirements such as ‘What are wagering requirements? Why do casinos put wagering requirements on bonuses? How to clear wagering requirements and show you which casinos offer bonuses with the lowest wagering requirements.

What are wagering requirements on casino bonuses?

Wagering requirements are rules set by each individual online casino that tell the player how much they have to stake on games before they can withdraw the money given to them as a bonus and any winnings made from it. Wagering requirements are pretty simple but they are different at each casino and each bonus at the same casino can also have different wagering requirements.

To understand further what wagering requirements are, lets take a look at an example:

In this example we will look at the initial sign up bonus given by which is a 200% matched bonus up to $1,000 on your first deposit at the casino and has a wagering requirement of x35 your deposit and bonus.

Lets say you deposit $100. As offer a 200% bonus, you receive $200 ($100 x 200%) extra on top of your $100 deposit and have a total of $300. Now, before you can withdraw the $300 and any winnings from it, you must meet the wagering requirements, which in this case is x35. To calculate how much you have to stake on games to be able to withdraw the funds simply multiply your deposit + bonus amount by 35, which is $300 x 35 = $10,500. So you would have to place $10,500 worth of bets before you can make a withdrawal.

Lets do one more example :

The sign up bonus at Mansion Casino is 100% on your first deposit up to a maximum of $500 and has a wagering requirement of 20 x your deposit + bonus amount.

This time we will deposit $50 and so we would receive a further $50 as a bonus, totaling $100. As the bonus has a wagering requirement of x20 we multiply our $100 by 20 which means we have to place $2,000 worth of bets before withdrawing. Simple right?


Why are there wagering requirements on bonuses

We all know wagering requirements are a bit of a pain but unfortunately they are necessary. If online casinos didn’t put wagering requirements on bonuses then players could simply deposit money into their account, receive the bonus and withdraw. That wouldn’t be a very good business decision by casinos would it? They wouldn’t last two minutes handing out free money to anyone that registers. That being said, casino bonuses work well for both the player and the casino. The casino gets another customer and the player gets a chance to win more money by playing with a bit of extra cash.


I don’t want to have wagering requirements. Can I just play with my money?

Absolutely. You don’t have to accept bonuses given by casinos. Most online casinos will require you to enter a coupon or bonus code to receive your bonus. If you don’t want to receive the bonus, simply do not enter the code and just play with your money and withdraw when you want. However, some casinos will automatically add you bonus funds to your account when you make your first deposit with them. If you don’t wish to receive any bonus it would be best to contact the customer support team and let them know this. They should then be able to cancel any bonus that you are due to receive.


How do I find out what the wagering requirements are for a bonus

As mentioned earlier, wagering requirements may differ with each casino and each bonus. The wagering requirements for each bonus can always be found by reading the terms and conditions of each bonus. If it is a sign up bonus or a long-running promotion then the T&C’s can usually be found by visiting the ‘promotions’ page of each casino. If you have received an email or text from a casino offering you an exclusive bonus or reload bonus then there should be a link to the terms and conditions if the wagering requirements have not been mentioned already. If in doubt, always contact customer support. The majority of online casinos allow you to chat to customer support through live chat windows and can answer you questions right away.


How do I meet the wagering requirements of a casino bonus?

You can meet the wagering requirements of your bonus by playing casino games at the casino. Lets say your wagering requirement for a bonus is $1,000. You must place $1,000 worth of bets to ‘clear your bonus’. It doesn’t matter if you place 1,000 separate $1 bets or one bet of $1,000, so long as your bets total $1,000 before making a withdrawal.

It is very important to be aware that some casino games may contribute towards your wagering requirements more than others. Again, this will be explained in the terms and conditions of the bonus and this rule does not always apply to all bonuses. That is why it is important to always read through the T&C’s of a bonus before accepting it.

Here’s an example of this :

In the T&C’s of a bonus it may state that online slots contribute 100% towards your wagering requirements, where as roulette only contributes 50% towards it. This means that if your wagering requirement of a bonus is $1,000 and you play slots, then you only have to wager $1,000 to clear your bonus. However, if you just play roulette then you will have to wager $2,000.

This leads us onto our next question…


What is the best way to meet casino bonus wagering requirements?

Before deciding on a method to meet your bonuses wagering requirements you must read the terms and conditions and find out if all games contribute equally towards it. If they don’t then the best way to clear your bonus would be to play the games with the highest contribution. This is usually all variants of online slots. However, if all games do contribute equally then slots may not be the best game choice. Given that all games contribute equally towards clearing you bonus you should be playing the casino games with the lowest house edges. Meaning you should play the games where you have the highest chance of winning. These games are blackjack, jacks or better, baccarat and craps. For more information on which games to play take a look at our article on how to clear casino bonuses.


The 5 Most Misplayed Hands in Blackjack

With Blackjack being a game with one of the lowest house-edges, it is no surprise it is a lot of peoples game of choice at a casino. Blackjack can have a house edge of under 0.4%, giving you, the player, a great chance to turn a profit. However, the game of Blackjack is not all about luck. Blackjack is a strategy game. You must know when to hit, stand, double up, or when the game lets you, surrender. This is where mathematics comes into the game. If you know the mathematical percentage of winning each hand with the cards you have been dealt then it makes making decisions a lot easier and will give you a far greater chance of walking away from the table with a profit.

In this article we will talk about the 5 most misplayed hands in Blackjack. A lot of the time these hands are played wrong, even by people who put in a lot of time at the Blackjack table. However, as Blackjack is a game of mathematics, there are right ways to play them that will give you a better chance of winning on average.


Number 1 Most misplayed hand in Blackjack

9 9 vs 9 –

Number 1 Most Misplayed Hand in Blackjack

When dealt a hard 18 it can be very tempting to stand. However, when dealt a hard 18 in the form of two 9 cards you have the option to split. Splitting 9’s is not always recommended but it is mathematically correct to split 9’s against a dealers 9.

Odds : If you stand with 18 against a dealers nine you will win the hand, on average, 8 out of 20 times. However, is you split 9’s against a dealers 9 then your chances of winning the hand increases to an average of 9.5 out of 20. Therefore you have increased your chances of winning the hand from 40% up to 47.5% by splitting.


Number 2 Most misplayed hand in Blackjack

Your 12 vs dealers 3

Number 2 Most Misplayed Hand in Blackjack

Most blackjack players know that you should generally stand when the dealer shows a weak card in the hope that they bust. However, in the case of a 12 vs the dealers 3 it is wise to hit. Firstly there are only 4 cards that can bust your hand when holding a 12 – a 10, Jack, Queen or King and there are 5 cards that can put you in the 17-21 range. Also, the dealer only has a 37.4% chance of busting on a 3 which is your only chance of winning. Therefore it makes sense to hit, which will give you a 38.5% chance of landing in the 17-21 range, rather than standing which will give you a 37.4% chance of winning.


Number 3 Most misplayed hand in Blackjack

Hard 16 vs dealers 10

Number 3 Most Misplayed Hand in Blackjack

This one only applies if you are playing a version of Blackjack that allows you to surrender. Blackjack surrender is a game where you can ‘fold’ your cards after they have been dealt but you only receive half your stake back. If you are allowed to surrender then it is in your best interests to do so. You will lose half your stake but maths shows that you are better off doing this than hitting or standing. The reason being is that you have less than 50% chance of winning with a hard 16 against a 10 and so you will be better off surrendering and losing 50% of your stake.

If surrendering is not an option then your best best is to hit in this situation.


Number 4 Most misplayed hand in Blackjack

Soft 18 vs dealers 9, 10 or Ace

Number 4 Most Misplayed Hand in Blackjack

If you are dealt a soft 18 against the dealers 9 or higher card then you will increase your chances of winning by 5% if you hit. Mathematically you will win 8 out of 20 hands if you stand with a soft 18 against a 9, 10 or an Ace. However, if you hit, you increase the chances of winning the hand to 9 out of 20. An increase from 40% to 45%.



Number 5 Most misplayed hand in Blackjack

A pair of 8’s vs dealers 10

Number 5 Most Misplayed Hand in Blackjack

This hand is probably one of the most debated hands at the Blackjack table. Some people agree with hitting, some people swear by splitting. However, we only care about the true odds and what gives you, the player, the best chance of winning. And the answer is………….SPLIT.



If you stand, you will have a hard 16 against a 10 which will give you a 23% chance of winning. However, if you split 8’s against a 10, you will have a 38% chance of winning. It’s funny how this is one of the most talked about hands in Blackjack yet the mathematically-correct answer gives you a 15% chance more of winning.

So there you have it. The 5 Most Misplayed Hands in Blackjack. Which of the hands from above have you been playing wrong? Let us know. We won’t judge ūüėČ


How to clear casino bonuses

You may have noticed that casino bonuses are not as amazing as they initially sound. ‘Have $5,000 FREE!’ or ‘We’ll double your deposit!’ are a couple of examples you may be offered when signing up to an online casino. However, nearly all online casino bonuses come with wagering requirements. This means you have to bet a certain amount before you are able to withdraw. This being said, you can make a lot of money from casino bonuses. You just have to be smart about clearing them. The main strategy to clearing casino bonuses is not to try and make a profit, but to minimize your losses until the bonus has been cleared. In this article we will discuss how to clear casino bonuses as well as the best way to clear them and what games to play to clear your bonus faster and safer.

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are requirements set by the casino that you must follow in order to withdraw your bonus and any winnings made from it. Most casino bonuses have wagering requirements ranging from 20 x the bonus amount up to 50 x the bonus amount.

Here’s an example:

  • You deposit $500 and receive another $500 free as a bonus¬†and¬†has a wagering requirement of 20 x the bonus amount.

To be able to withdraw your bonus and any winnings you must wager at least 20 x $500 ($10,000). This means you must place $10,000 worth of bets before withdrawing is possible.

Wagering requirements vary greatly between casinos and also between different bonuses. This means that two bonuses from the same online casino may have different wagering requirements so it is always wise to check the T&C’s before accepting the bonus. If you can’t find the T&C’s for a bonus then simply ask support via live chat, email or phone and they should be able to send you a link right away.


Can I play any casino game to count towards my wagering requirements?

Usually yes. The majority of the time all casino games offered by the casino will count towards your wagering requirements. However, all casino games may not count towards your wagering requirements for your bonus equally. For example, playing roulette may only count towards 50% of the wagering requirements where as playing blackjack my count 100%. Again, it is worth checking the terms and conditions of each bonus to see if any games are excluded from wagering the bonus and if all games count equally towards the wagering.


What games are best to play to clear a casino bonus?

Low House EdgeSome games are better to play than others when the aim is simply to clear the bonus at an online casino. As mentioned above, your aim when clearing a casino bonus is to minimize losses, not to maximize profits. That way, when you do clear your bonus you’ll be left with potentially thousands of dollars more than when you started, without risking your own money.

As our aim is to minimize losses we will be wanting to play a casino game that is low risk. Blackjack has one of the lowest house edges out of all casino games. Sometimes as low as 0.3%! Most people also know how to play blackjack, making it a favorite game choice for ‘bonus baggers’. We want to play smart and so do not take risks when playing blackjack with your bonus. If you do not know the odds of winning each hand then use our blackjack table to know when to hit, stand and double up. This is mathematically proven to give you the best odds at winning at blackjack.

If you don’t want to spend your time clearing your bonus playing blackjack then other smart choices with low house edges are Jacks or Better, which has a house edge of around 0.4%, Baccarat, with a¬†house edge of just over¬†1% and Craps at just over 1.4%.

Bad choice to clear your casino bonus would be casino games with a higher house edge such as Slots or American Roulette.


What size stake should I bet?

Although it may be tempting to make a large bets and clear your bonus faster, it is mathematically wise to make lots of smaller bets. If you make many smaller bets then the law of averages states that you will see a better return.

Here’s an example :

  • Play 10 hands of blackjack and you may win 8 hands¬†and lose 2 hands. However, play 10,000 hands of blackjack and the result will be much close to 5,000 won, 5,000 lost. This is the ‘law of averages’. The more you do something that has set odds, the closer you will get to those odds.


How much of the bonus can I expect to cash out?

You should be able to work out how much of your bonus you will be able to withdraw once you have met the wagering requirements. This depends of what game you are playing and of course you can’t predict exactly how much you will win or lose. Sometimes you will go on a winning streak, sometimes a losing streak. However, it is worth doing the calculations before starting your bonus wagering just to see how close you get to it.

Example :

  • You register at which currently offer a 400% bonus on your first deposit up to $4,000. You deposit $100 and receive another $400 free. Their wagering requirements are 30 x your deposit + the bonus amount, so you need to wager 30 x $500 ($15,000). You decide to clear your bonus playing blackjack which has a house edge of 0.3%. To find out the amount you will lose while clearing your bonus due to the house edge,¬†simply multiply your wagering requirement by the house edge percentage divided by 100.


  • Loss amount due to house edge : $15,000 x 0.003 = $45
  • Total ending balance : $400 – $45 = $355
  • Total profit : $355 – $100 (initial deposit) = $255

You could make full use of the bonus of course and deposit $1,000 to receive the maximum bonus of $4,000. This would give you an expected profit of $2,550. Not bad for a single bonus!



Casino bonuses are great if you use them wisely. You may have to make a change from your usual betting patterns or casino games but it is worth while. Remember to play smart when clearing your casino bonus. Only play games with a low house edge and try to bet with lower stakes. Obviously, if you are depositing a large amount to receive a several thousand dollar bonus, you won’t want to spend days playing $1 blackjack hands but don’t wager large amounts at once. Be patient and you will be rewarded with some nice free cash once you meet the wagering requirements.

blackjack blackjack strategy Blog

When to split pairs in blackjack

The majority of people know how to play blackjack before they’ve even visited a casino or played online, making it the most popular casino game. However, although most people know the basics of blackjack, there is a lot more to the game if you want to profit from it. Blackjack is a game of strategy and maths and to come out on top you must learn what to do with your cards and bets in certain situations. As well as knowing when to double up, when to hit and when to surrender (in certain blackjack varieties), it is vital to know when to split pairs in blackjack.

When you are dealt a pair in blackjack you are given the option to split those two cards and play them as two separate hands. You are then dealt one more card on each of the two hands and you then play them as you would any other hand. There are only ten card values in blackjack and so you should be able to memorize which pairs you should split and which ones you shouldn’t without too much of a headache.

In this article we will go through all ten possibilities of pairs you can be dealt and let you know which you should be splitting.

Always Split Aces

splitting aces in blackjackA pair of Aces is probably going to be the easiest one to remember as you should always split them. It doesn’t matter what card the dealer has, just split them! Splitting aces always gives you the best chance to end up with a hand close to or at 21. If you don’t split aces then your starting cards will add up to 12, meaning only a 9 will get you to the holy grail of 21. They can also add up to 2 which isn’t as good as 11.. If you split aces then you’ll have two starting cards of 11 and can either hit a 10, Jack, Queen or King to get 21, therefore increasing your chances.

2. Always split 8’s

splitting eights in blackjackSplitting 8’s is one of the most highly debated topics in blackjack strategy. When the dealer shows anything other than an Ace or 10 then the choice to split or not is easy. However, a lot of blackjack players are scared to split 8’s against a 10, thinking that they will end up with two hands of 18 and the dealer will have 20. However, you should never assume the next card will be a 10. Only 16 card out of a deck of 52 are 10’s, which is around 30%. If you don’t split 8’s then you starting hand is 16, which is a very weak hand. You have around a 60% chance of busting if you hit on 16 and even if you do manage to hit a 5 or below, it may only be a ace or a two. If you choose to split 8’s then you have a much better chance of beating the dealers hand when they have a 10 or an Ace. Mathematics show that you lose a lot less often when you have an 8 against a 10 or Ace than you do if you play a 16 against a 10 or an Ace.


3. Never split 10’s

splitting tens in blackjackSplitting 10’s is considered a big no-no in blackjack strategy. A lot of beginners see splitting 10’s as an attractive option when up against a 5 or a 6 but this is one of many common blackjack mistakes. If you are dealt two 10’s then you have a total of 20 which is a very good hand. If you split 10’s then you will, more often than not, end up with two hands that are lower than 20. Always remember to minimize risk in blackjack.
Thinking of splitting 10’s? – Don’t!


4. Never split 5’s

splitting fives in blackjackLets take you back to school – What does 5 + 5 make? Well done – 10! Ten is a great starting hand to have! Why would you want to change that? If you split 5’s you are left with two very weak starting cards. If you don’t split then you have a good chance of hitting a high card next which will get you close to 21.


5. Never split 4’s

splitting fours in blackjackAs with a pair of 5’s, the same goes for a pair of 4’s. Although a pair of 4’s isn’t as good as a pair of 5’s, keeping the two together gives you a better hand than splitting. You can’t bust on your next card if you don’t split and starying with an 8 is a lot stronger than starting with a 4.


6. When to split 9’s

splitting nines in blackjackBeing dealt two 9’s means you have a hand of 18 which is not bad depending on what card the dealer is holding. When the dealer show an Ace, 10 or 7 – Don’t split. You’re better off standing with your 18. However, if the dealer has a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 or a 9 then splitting is the correct choice.


When to split 6’s

splitting sixes in blackjackOnly split 6’s when the dealer shows a 2, 3, 4, 5 or a 6. If the dealer shows a 7 or above you should hit. 2 through to 6 are considered weak hands and you are mathematically more likely to beat the dealer by splitting 6’s when they show one of those cards. If the dealer is showing a 7 or above then you should improve your hand by hitting. Only a 10 will make you bust.


When to split 2’s, 3’s and 7’s

splitting twos in blackjackA pair of 2’s, 3’s and 7’s should be split only when the dealer is showing a relatively high card. In this case and 8 or above. If the dealer is showing a 7 or lower then your best bet is to hit.


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Top 5 Casinos with the Highest Payout Percentages

You want to give yourself the best chance of winning at an Online Casino and choosing a casino with a high payout percentage is one of the factors you should look at before registering. In this article we’ll be looking at the top 5 online casinos which have the highest payout percentage. We’ll also cover common questions such as ‘What is payout percentage?’ and ‘What casino games have the highest payout percentage?’.


What is Payout Percentage?

A payout percentage is the % of funds given back to the players of any given casino game or casino as a whole. Payout percentages are also known as RTP, which stands for ‘Return to Player’. Lets take a look at an example of a slot payout percentage to explain things further.


Lets say the online slot ‘Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven’ has a payout percentage of 98%. This means that for every $100 the slot takes in, it will pay out $98 to the players. The remaining $2 will be kept by the casino. The percentage which is kept by the casino, which in this case is 2%, is known as the ‘house edge’.

Now, although the casino has a house edge of 2% and will keep $2 of every $100 put into the slot, it doesn’t mean that players can’t win. The slot will not pay out exactly $98 after $100 is fed into it. It may pay out $5,000 or it may pay out $5. Over the lifespan of the online slot however, it will pay out 98% of the amount that is put into it.


What is a good payout percentage?

Payout percentages vary between games and online casinos as a whole. Any percentage around 95% is considered good for a casino but some casinos do pay out at just over 98%. Check out the casinos we’ve listed below for the current top 5 casinos with highest payout percentages. For games, table games usually have the highest payout percentage and the lowest house edge. Blackjack for example usually has a house edge of only around 1%. Online slots payout percentage vary depending on the software developer and the game itself. Some Microgaming slots have payout percentages of over 98% which may be why all 5 of the online casinos with highest payout percentages listed below are powered by Microgaming software for their games.


What Online Casinos have the Highest Payout Percentages?

1. Crazy Vegas ( – 98.65%

Crazy Vegas CasinoCrazy Vegas is one of Australia’s most popular online casinos and boasts a payout percentage of 98.65% averaged across all of their games. They have been online since 2001 and have seen a¬†steady growth with players worldwide. Unfortunately they don’t accept players from United¬†States, South Africa, Spain, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Denmark, Greece or Italy but don’t worry if you’re from one of those countries, we have many more high paying casinos to show you. Their games are powered by the popular Microgaming software and there are over 600 of them to choose from! Including over 400 slots.

The Crazy Vegas new player bonus is a 100% first deposit bonus up to $/‚ā¨500 + 30 free spins on the Game of Thrones Slot which has a payout percentage of 95%-96%.


2. Jackpot City ( – 98.60%

Jackpot City CasinoJackpot City has been online since 1998 and so have almost 20 years experience in online gaming. Similar to Crazy Vegas, their casino games are powered by Microgaming and host over 400 quality games. Their payout percentage is an impressive 98.60%, making them the second highest paying out online casino.

Jackpot City have a great loyalty program, allowing players to accrue points with every game they play which can be exchanged for cash bonuses. Their welcome offer for new players is a 100% match bonus on your first four deposits. Each with a maximum $400, totaling a nice $1,600.


3. Royal Vegas ( – 98.59%

Royal Vegas CasinoOnline since 2000, Royal Vegas Casino is one of the leading online casinos powered by Microgaming software. They narrowly miss out on 2nd spot for ‘the top 5 casinos with the highest payout percentage’ by just 0.01% but still dish out an impressive 98.59% back to players. There are over 500 games to choose from including all the usual slick Microgaming slots and table games. They have a good rewards program and offer regular bonuses and promotions to existing players.

The Royal Vegas Casino sign up bonus is split over your first three deposits and totals a¬†$/‚ā¨1,200 bonus as well as 120 free spins.


4. Platinum Play ( – 98.58%

Platinum Play Online CasinoPlatinum Play Casino is part of the Fortune Lounge group of online casinos which also include popular choices such as Royal Vegas, 7 Sultans, Vegas Palms and Vegas Villa. They advertise a great average payout percentage of 98.58% which takes 4th spot on our list.

Platinum Play have been online since 2004 and welcome new players with a $/‚ā¨1,000 + 50 Free Spins signup bonus.


5. All Slots ( – 98.57%

All Slots CasinoAll Slots Casino have been around since 2000 and are a popular go-to casino for online slots players. They host over 500 quality Microgaming casino games that are available on mobile, tablet and desktop. If you enjoy Microgaming slots then look no further than All Slots Casino.

Sign up today and receive $/‚ā¨1,600 in bonuses on your first 4 deposits.




Highest Payout Percentage USA Casino

USA Friendly CasinoYou may have noticed that non of the top 5 online casinos with the highest payout percentage accept players from USA. Not far down the list we found an excellent US-Friendly casino which we highly recommend.


All Star Slots ( – 98.45%

All Star SlotsAll Star Slots is one of our favorite US-friendly casinos. And with an average payout percentage of 98.45% they only just missed out for a place in our top 5. They have a great range of online slots as well as table games and video poker. New players will receive a HUGE 400% bonus on their first deposit up to a massive $4,000!

You can read our full review of All Star Slots here.